Assembling the Best Home Fitness Equipment

Assembling the Best Home Fitness Equipment

Are you tired of going to the gym? Or maybe you haven’t started and really don’t want to be in front of everyone while you struggle. While thousands of people find that going to the gym offers motivation, the option to have help and social interaction when you want it, others find it daunting or tiresome. Having some equipment in your house might be just the answer.

If you are looking for some ready to use training equipment, some of your best home fitness equipment exercise options might be:

Weight Set

DumbbellsA good quality weight set can include a basic set of bar bells, dumb bells and a bench. This set up allows you to work all the major body groups and most of the minor groups. Combining a weight set will provide you the opportunity to work your chest, arms, shoulders, legs and back. With some variations in specific exercises you can also focus on the forearms, triceps, deltoids and lower legs. This will give you a solid foundation for additional work. The downside is that you do need to put a little effort in to setting up a routine and alternate your exercises, allowing for rest in between workout days. When purchasing free weights, always go for the best quality you can afford. Solid steel is better than any type of plastic covered set. If cost is an issue, it is better to start with a single set of bars and a few plates and add as you go. In addition, free weights should never be used alone.

Multifunction Machine

There are a multitude of all-in-one machines that claim to be able to work every part of your body. This may or may not be true and the cost is not always an indicator of how great the construction of the machine is. You will want to look closely at the setup of the machine and how it is made. Look for sold state, welded construction with heavy metal tubing. Pullies should be well constructed and any cables should be of braided steel. If possible avoid band based systems as they are expensive for the quality and may not hold up well. Make sure you are familiar with all of the exercises the machine can do and that all moving parts fit together well and movement is smooth.

Endurance Equipment

Endurance equipment is a popular choice for home equipment. You can buy stationary bikes, stair steppers, ellipticals, treadmills or others. If you are looking for endurance fitness equipment, make sure you try out the equipment you are considering and buy the best you can afford. The type of exercise should be something you enjoy as you will have to do it a lot to make your investment pay. To save some money, you should consider used equipment by looking in want ads, on craigslist or even eBay as there are some great deals to find.

Piece by piece

If you aren’t up for going all in and buying a weight set, a multifunction machine or endurance machine, there are a few, fairly inexpensive things that you can get to make your own home gym.

Dumb bells

You can purchase a readymade set of dumb bells in graded weights or you can get an adjustable set with small weight plates that can be added or removed as you want to change the weight. Most exercises that can be done with cable machines or with barbells can be done with dumb bells at home. The biggest safety rule in working out with any type of free weights is to always have a spotter – someone in the area who can help you out in case you get in over your head.

Exercise mat

No one who works out at home should be without an exercise mat. Owning an exercise mat can make the difference when trying to exercise at home. A lot of simple but effective exercises can be done on the floor – but a lot of people fail to follow through because the thought of working out on the bare floor or carpet doesn’t seem all that appealing.

Jump rope

Jumping RopeA jump rope is the foundation for a lot of boxing workouts. Jumping rope can provide some of the best cardiovascular exercise around. It may bring up thoughts of the schoolyard playground but professional quality jump ropes can be purchased for a little as $15. Jump ropes have the added benefit of hard-core cardio workout plus increasing coordination as more intricate movements are learned.

Exercise Bands / Tubes

A wide variety of manufacturers offer exercise bands or tubes to perform resistance training. Many use only the body, while others use a connection point at the door or wall. Virtually any type of exercise that can be done with a large cable-type exercise unit can be done with exercise bands – with a little modification.

Core rollers

You may have seen some type of core wheels on television and were a little unsure. Core training wheels offer a method to exercise your abs in a completely different way. They are affordable and adaptable to a number of angles for ab workouts to work all of the ab sections including lower and upper abs and sides of the abs which are often forgotten.

Exercise ball

An exercise ball, also known as a Swiss ball provides a useful tool to do a plethora of exercises. These balls are also called yoga balls and can be used in a number of exercises and to build up overall stabilization.

Exercise DVDs or Computer Classes

One of the best home fitness equipment options that we have today is not actually fitness equipment. It is entertainment equipment – a DVD player or computer. There are hundreds of exercise programs available that offer the same quality exercise routine as those offered in gyms or fitness centers. From the name-brand, proprietary programs like Zumba or Tae-bo to celebrity based workouts; there are literally hundreds of options.  

Online websites offer set downloadable programs – or live streaming. The advantage of using a computer site is the option of continuous change. This allows you to have fresh content which changes your exercise routine and holds your excitement. If you stay interested, you continue on your journey. Imagine it, fun in your own house, all while working out. Heck, maybe your kids might even join you!

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