Chuck Norris Exercise Equipment

Total Gym Direct featuring Chuck Norris

If you watch any type of television in the wee hours of the morning, late nights or on the weekend – you have probably seen the infomercials for Chuck Norris exercise equipment. In actuality, the exercise equipment is called “Total Gym” and has a number of different models depending on what you plan to use it for and how much ... Read More »

Finding the Best Exercise Bikes

Best Exercise Bikes

Exercise bikes were popular “back in the day”. Actually – back in that day, if you wanted a piece of home exercise equipment – an exercise bike was just about your only choice. Well, that isn’t exactly true, you could have bought one of those tie all the stretchy-bands to the doorknob spider things. Exercise bikes have come a long ... Read More »

Making Do with Cheap Workout Equipment

Cheap Workout Equipment

When you buy something, just like anyone else, you want to get the most for your money. Buying workout equipment is no different. Exercise equipment can put a big hole in your wallet if you aren’t careful but there are a few tricks to try to save some money. Do you really need equipment? Exercise equipment can range into the ... Read More »

Your Guide to the Best Home Workout Equipment

Best Home Workout Equipment

Are you tired of going to the gym?  There can be a lot of reasons why you might want to stop spending your money at the fitness club.  It can be inconvenient, spending more time driving to and from, getting dressed and undressed – losing time away from your family.  Some gyms are like a nightclub – only with no ... Read More »

Wholesale Gym Equipment

Wholesale Gym Equipment

Any type of gym equipment is a significant and important investment. You want to be sure that you get the best value for your money. But the question is – how do you do that? A lot of dealers may throw the word “wholesale” around, but don’t be tricked into thinking that it is automatically cheaper without doing some research. ... Read More »

Finding Great Discount Fitness Equipment

Discount Fitness Equipment

No more slogging to the gym to work out at odd hours. No more sweaty work benches or settling for the stair trainer when you really want to use the elliptical. No more stinky showers.  You have decided that you want to buy some fitness equipment but like most people, don’t want to spend too much or buy the wrong ... Read More »

Working Smarter with a Yoga Ball Office Chair

Yoga Ball Office Chair

Spending a lot of time in the gym or exercising at home may not be possible for everyone. Or maybe you just want to give it a bit more. There is something kind of different that you might do that can vastly improve your fitness level, especially if you work in an office. This mysterious and crazy thing is….a yoga ... Read More »

Forearm Exercise Equipment

Forearm Exercise Equipment

Forearms are often overlooked in muscle development but “wow”, if you have ‘em, they look great! Forearm strength is also a problem for some people and can cause loss in grip strength if not maintained. The problem is that a lot of people don’t know how to work the forearms specifically or what equipment to use. Big forearms aren’t usually ... Read More »

Cheap Fitness Equipment for the Budget Conscious

Cheap Fitness Equipment

Who isn’t looking for a good deal when you buy something? Membership fees at gyms can be a financial burden. In addition, a lot of fitness centers require a long term commitment and with this economy – who knows where you’ll be in a year? Cost shouldn’t be a large factor in getting fit. There are some affordable options to ... Read More »

Assembling the Best Home Fitness Equipment

Best Home Fitness Equipment

Are you tired of going to the gym? Or maybe you haven’t started and really don’t want to be in front of everyone while you struggle. While thousands of people find that going to the gym offers motivation, the option to have help and social interaction when you want it, others find it daunting or tiresome. Having some equipment in ... Read More »