How did Khloe Kardashian Lose Weight?

How did Khloe Kardashian Lose Weight?

In a family known for their killer looks, Khloe Kardashian was a bit of a standout. Larger than the other girls and kind of seen as the big girl since Keeping up with the Kardashians began airing in 2007 – Khloe recently took a page from sister Kim who lost 50 pounds of baby weight and shed over 30 pounds of her own. She looks better than ever and has even been seen posing in a bikini.

Khloe has been working out with celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson on a regular basis – nearly every day. Her trainer has also worked with notables such as Penelope Cruz, Sofia Vergara, Halle Berry, and Jennifer Lopez – amongst others. So how did Khloe Kardashian lose weight?

She ditched fad diets

Khloe claims that she has given up on diets – especially fad diets. Despite the rumor that sister Kim prefers a low carb Atkins type diet, her choice now is to go to the gym and be healthy – forget the diet.

She has said that she still eats what she wants and that it has taken nearly a year to lose that 30 pounds but she has enjoyed life along the way. She thinks that is a healthier way to do it.

Khloe admits that dieting would be faster but says she doesn’t have that much discipline and doesn’t want to deprive herself. In a now-famous interview with Cosmopolitan Australia magazine – Khloe said, “I love food, and there’s lots of family time with food and your friends. I work out really hard so I can have my champagne and that part of life. I’d rather take longer to lose weight but have fun doing it.”

She has opted for the weight-loss in the slow-lane rather than the quick fix that fad diets offer. This is probably a good choice because most people don’t really want to stick to the fad diets – green shakes, no-meat, all-meat, high carbs, low carbs, healthy fat, low fat, vegetarian, whole food, raw food, detox diets….the list is endless. Changing your eating to healthy and enjoying what you like in moderation is a better way to go for most people.

Working out with Kim

Khloe says that Kim’s desire to lose baby weight after the birth of her child helped to spur her on to lose some weight of her own. She loves sister bonding time – going on a lot of hikes on the local trails and mountains which is convenient because they live close by. Kim and Khloe have been also seen on the beach working out.

She doesn’t always work out with Kim – in fact, reports have it that she works out almost every day. She has used a celebrity personal trainer and is frequently at the gym in addition to her exercise forays with her sister.

Working out with a partner can help you keep on track. You can keep yourself motivated when you help to motivate someone else. Having a partner can also help you with some accountability – if there is someone expecting you to be there for a morning jog, the pressure is on and you are more likely to go.

Quit going by the scale

Khloe hits the gym up to five times a week but doesn’t go by the numbers. She says that she refuses to weigh herself on a regular basis and focuses more on how she feels in clothes rather than how much she weighs.

Some experts believe that avoiding the scale is a good thing. If you concentrate too much on the scale you miss a couple of issues.

Your body weight can vary throughout the day – how much water you are retaining, when you ate last, when you went to the bathroom last, what clothes you are wearing

If you weigh everyday you can get discouraged if one morning you gained a pound. This could easily be explained by daily variance – but also day to day variance – especially for women who are likely to retain water on those “certain” days. Don’t weigh every day – if you have to focus on the scale, weigh once a week.

Weight loss can be slow – if you weigh yourself every day you won’t notice the “healthy” weight loss that you should be getting. A healthy weight loss program is usually 1 to 2 pounds a week – not 2 pounds a day. A scale can’t measure ¼ of a pound or even ½ of a pound so your efforts will be in vain.

Muscle weighs more than fat – the weight on the scale may not show how your body is improving. You can be losing fat, gaining muscle, looking better but not losing “weight” or pounds. Don’t let the scale disappoint you – look in the mirror. Check out how your clothes are fitting.

Deal with personal pressure by working out

A person like Khloe Kardashian has a lot of pressure – and so do we all. Khloe’s personal pressure can look like that of any celebrity. Life in the public eye, comparison to family members, being called the “ugly” sister – and a recent divorce. People who are not celebrities obviously have a lot of personal pressures as well – and we don’t know what makes her head spin but we can see that working out can relieve a lot of stress.

Working out as a stress reliever can help in several ways.

Working out increases endorphins – you know the “feel good” hormones. This is pretty common knowledge but it really works.

Working out can provide energy – when you are stressed out, you can feel like the energy has been sucked right out of your body. A little cardio exercise or even some weight lifting can get your blood flowing – to your body but also to your brain where it is really needed.

Working out can help you sleep – you shouldn’t work out right before bedtime but if you make yourself physically tired during the day – you will be able to sleep better.

Working out can help you deal with anger – what better way to take out your frustration that a good workout. Whether it is cardio or weights or machines – you can pound your way free of anger.

Pride yourself on who you are

One thing the Kardashians know – all of them is that beauty is not about being skinny or even losing weight. All of them and Khloe in particular have prided themselves on having curves to show rather than hide. Model thin-ness is never going to work for them so they embrace who they are.

Working out is not about being skinny or losing weight – it’s about being healthy. Anyone can benefit from this attitude. Being the best you can – looking your best, not someone else’s best can go a long way towards improving your self-esteem. This can actually improve your chances of success.

A good attitude is more helpful than more work.

Have fun

One of the things that Khloe’s celebrity trainer teaches is that having fun while working out is a necessity. If you don’t like an activity – you won’t keep doing it. A workout should be something you look forward to – not something you dread. It should be something you “want” to do – not something you “have” to do.

Reports have it that Khloe has lost the weight and kept it off with a multi-prong approach to exercise. She walks and hikes, she likes boxing and circuit training, she does weight training with medicine balls – she does classes with other friends. She changes it up a lot. The main thing is that she does it almost every day with a goal of health – not massive weight loss.

In an MTV news interview, Khloe said “It’s been like six or eight months of me [working out like crazy]….It’s not anything fast. Nothing will happen overnight. It’s just me being more aware of what I eat. I’m not on any diet because I love food and I feel like life surrounds at the dinner table. That’s where you spend quality time… But it’s more about me working out consistently. I’d rather work out and eat what I want than starve.”